Striped Venus

    • Common name: Striped Venus
    • Latin name: Venus Gallina
    • FAO code: SVE

Striped Venus contain many minerals and healthy proteins for our body, such as low-sodium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and calcium.

The nutritional properties of Striped Venus, calculated on 100g of product, are:

  • Energy value 86 kcal
  • Proteins 14,67 g
  • Carbohydrates 3,57 g
  • Fat 0,96 g

Striped Venus are small molluscs formed by two shells of almost circular shape, narrower at the top and widened at the bottom. They live on sandy and muddy seabeds up to a depth of 15-20 metres, often in very large agglomerations.

Striped Venus have a triangular shape and a shaded colour between white, light grey and beige, but often, white individuals are found.

The clam has a smooth and mostly white surface, sometimes with a purple spot near the back and ventral margin.

Our Striped Venus can reach a maximum of 45 mm, with the minimum permissible size identified in the length of 25 mm.

The catch of this Italian seafood mainly comes from the work done in the Adriatic Sea through the years. To find out if the Striped Venus is fresh, it is important to analyse the behaviour of the valves: if they spray water or move in case of approaching a foreign body, it means that the clam is alive and therefore the product is fresh and ready to use.

Our Striped Venus are sold alive, with no additives or additional ingredients, so you can enjoy all the taste of our sea and one of its treasures, the fresh Italian Striped Venus.

Preselected from the sea to offer you a valuable gift