Packaging and shipping

A highly functional logistics ensures punctual daily deliveries around the world.

Made with materials suitable for contact with food, packaging can be selected by the end customer according to his needs:

  1. the classic net is available in sizes from 200 g to 10 kg, with the possibility of being packaged in sacks or baskets for easier transportation;
  2. an innovative "skin effect" vacuum-sealed tray that keeps the product unaltered for at least 5 days, free from preservatives and without any alteration of the atmosphere. This packaging, highly appreciated by the market for its practicality, shows a steadily growing trend.

Both packages, net and tray, can contain one or more products (the famous bis and tris) to give the end client a chance to taste more flavours.


  • All
  • Cross-cut carpet shells
  • Striped Venus
  • Mediterranean mussels
  • Smooth clams
  • Oysters
  • Other shellfish
  • Fresh fish
  • Bis and Tris

Preselected from the sea to offer you a valuable gift