Always focused on the future, with a strong entrepreneurial vision to invest in quality and technological innovation, Goro Pesca with its 30 years of experience, is today the leading company in the field of gathering and distribution of seafood.

Responding effectively to market developments, the centre specializes in depuration, packaging and distribution of shellfish enhancing the natural gifts of the Po Delta regions, area in which it is based. The company ensures fast deliveries to the entire European continent of a living product treated in accordance with the highest health standards.

Efficiency permeates all departments of this ever-growing facility. From stock to administration, laboratories to logistics, 40 dynamic and well-skilled employees work in a perfect synergy, reaching a process of over 6 million kg. of product per year, with a turnover of approximately 18 million euros. With due regard to the environment, towards which the company puts great attention, so much to choose a photovoltaic system and an internal differentiated recycling system.

The passion for their work and the goal to get on our tables high quality fresh products, mark the path of Goro Pesca: a cutting-edge company that counts on the future.

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