Bis and tris

Meet your needs and tastes; has always been our priority. For this reason, besides guaranteeing the highest quality and freshness of the treasures of our sea, we have decided to vary our offer, proposing two different product mixes to satisfy all the palates.

The first selection is a bis consisting of 500 grams of Mediterranean mussels and 300 grams of cross-cut carpet shells.

The cross-cut carpet shell is our flagship product, the real treasure of Goro, a mollusc born and grown in the sea bottoms of our sea, and we proudly export all over Europe.

As for the Mediterranean mussels, however, we make a further selection, to ensure the best product, fresh and seasonal. In the summer we offer the Italian Mediterranean mussels, those from bays and lagoons in the Adriatic Sea, while in summer we import for you lots of Spanish mussels, especially from the Galician inlets, slightly more elongated, but with the same delicate flavour.

The second selection, however, is a tris composed of 500 grams of Mediterranean mussels, 300 grams of cross-cut carpet shells and 200 grams of smooth clams. The fresh smooth clams are found in our Adriatic Sea and we sell with no additives or additional ingredients, so they do not lose their freshness and properties.

Both selections are either vacuum-sealed in tray, with a protective film and a hairnet, in full respect of the law which rules the operations of packaging for storage and transport.

Nutritional properties on 100 grams of product:
 Mediterranean musselsCross-cut carpet shellSmooth Clams
Energy value84 kcal72 kcal72 kcal
Proteins11.7 grams10.2 grams8.6 grams
Carbohydrates3.4 grams2.2 grams0 grams
Fat2.7 grams2.5 grams0.47 grams

Preselected from the sea to offer you a valuable gift